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Government Of Assam Home & Political Civil Defence & Home Guards

What we do

  • Vision

    To make the Civil Defence and Home Guards organization the best friend of the citizens in the State.


    To raise and train Civil Defence and Home Guards volunteers to help the police and the administration to meet the challenges of law and order as well as emergencies arising out of man made or natural disasters, besides administering and further strengthening the ASRF & AISF battalions so that they can deliver the best services at all times.


    • To raise and train Home Guards and Civil Defence volunteers as per authorized strength and make them available as and when situation demands.
    • To develop infrastructure and procure equipments for the District and Battalions setups.
    • To administer the ASRF and AISF battalions and keep them effectively deployed on the assigned duties.
    • To bridge the gap in the demand from the industrial units of the State by raising more AISF.Bns.
    • To develop the Central Training Institute, Panikhaiti as Multi Hazard Training Institute.
    • Raising and enrollment of Home Guards and Civil Defence volunteers.
    • Building infrastructures and procure equipments.
    • Training of volunteers and regular recruits of the department, the SDRF & F&ES personnel.
    • Administration of the organization, budgetary provisions and maintaining financial discipline.

    Civil Defence

    Roles and duties of Civil Defence

    Roles & Responsibilities

    'Civil Defence' includes any measures, not amounting to actual combat, for affording protection to any person, property, place or thing in India or any part of the territory thereof against any hostile attack, whether from air, land, sea or other places, or for depriving any such attack of the whole for part of its effect, whether such measures are taken before, during at or after the time of such attack.

    • To save life
    • To minimize damage to property, and
    • To maintain continuity of production

    Civil Defence is the defence of the people, by the people and for the people. It is not the defence by the military as some may understand. Civil Defence is the measure adopted by the civilian population, Government, Local Self-bodies, Voluntary agencies, NGO's etc. during the war to minimize the effect of enemy action on men and its armed force to win the war in battle fields. In fact the scope has touched such a magnitude that Civil Defence is regarded as the Fourth Arm besides, Army, Navy and Air Force.

    Eligibility criteria

    The service of Civil Defence is voluntary. Well educated citizens, social workers, professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Businessmen, Engineers, Teachers, etc., who are willing to do voluntary social service, are enlisted in Civil Defence Corps for manning various services of the organization. The normal tenure for them is three-years. Central and State Government employees can also become members of the Civil Defence Corps. NCC cadets and school students are also given Civil Defence training.

    A person who intends to apply for appointment to the Civil Defence Corps must fulfil the following conditions.
    • He/She should be a citizen of India or a subject of Sikkim or Bhutan or Nepal.
    • He/She should have completed the age of 18 years.
    • He/She should have passed at least middle standard.

    Both Men and Women are eligible for appointment to the Corps.

    A person shall not be entitled to be appointed to the Corps, unless, he is found physically fit and mentally alert.

    Members of the following forces or services are not ordinarily eligible for enrolment in Civil Defence Corps:-
    • Armed Forces of the union
    • Police Force
    • Fire Service
    • Territorial Army or Auxiliary Forces of any of the defence services
    • Civilian personnel employed in connection with the armed forces of the union and essential services
    Membership and Incentives

    A member of the Corps shall ordinarily serve in a voluntary capacity for a period three of years. The tenure can be extended till such a period the member is willing to serve and fit to continue.

    A person when enrolled is issued a membership certificate. He/She shall have to undergo Civil Defence Basic Training for a period of seven days. On successful completion of the Basic Training, a member is issued Identity Card duly signed by the Competent Authority. The members are entitled to get out of pocket allowances for attending training and call-outs on emergency duties.


    The directorate of Home Guards & Civil Defence has been in the center of various Centre of various Central Govt. modernization scheme to modernize Home Guards & Civil Defence volunteers

    1.Weaponry :Sophisticated weapons like SLR, AK-47 Carbine, Machine Gun & other Light weapons will be purchased soon.
    2ComputersComputers introduced in office for smooth functioning of work and to keep records properly.
    3VehiclesNew vehicles are introduced for multiple tasks
    4ConstructionModern buildings are coming up for staff and other ranks
    5Civil Defence   Training of the Personnel of Civil Defence by deputing them to CD College Nagpur
    6Collapsible Structure Search & Rescue   Voluntarily courses on DRM & Search and Rescue courses
    7CSSR Equipments   CSSR equipments are purchased for rescue at the time of emergency like floods, earthquakes etc.
    8Inflatable Lighting tower   Inflatable lighting tower are procured for use at the time of emergency for rescue Disasters
    9OBM Boats   Purchase OBM boats to rescue the marooned people at the time of flood and to distribute food items etc to the flood victims